Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Valentine's Day Ultimate Outfits 14th February 2013

 This set is more classic with black and white but with traditional accents in gold. Dont let your fiance run away! Show him your still the showstopper !
 This set is more earth inspired and I do like it very much. Its not warm everywhere again so now you can look faboulous and not freeze outside , except he has a car , then you can go for a ligher jacket. But if you guys go have a walk afterwards pack something warm.
I just love this! Gold , white and grey are my favourite colours! It looks super chic like you were just inhaling some of frances charme and spirit. Nobody will not look at you. So be ready. All these things are actually really easy to copycat at your local H&M , Zara whereever you live. Its often just basics and some popping extra pieces.

VALENTINES DAY is not superspecial its actually just a regular day , so if you have noone dont worry you still got ur friends and your family ;)